Small Business Success Stories

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Dolson Tire
Annual Energy Cost Savings: 

Mechanics at Dolson Tire need a brightly-lit service area in which to perform their work. With 7,000 square feet to illuminate for more than 80 hours each week, plus the massive equipment load, electricity costs were high. Ed Perry, owner, needed to take measures to reduce the company’s electric costs.

We conducted a free on-site energy savings evaluation at the Dolson site and recommended retrofitting 51 inefficient fluorescent lighting fixtures with energy-saving T8 lamps and high efficiency ballasts. Perry paid only 30 percent of the total cost of the upgrades, with the balance paid by O&R. He says participating in the program, “was easy and straightforward — no red tape, no copious paperwork, no acrobatics” — and that he’d recommend it to any eligible business owner.